Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can provide long lasting benefits

So often, people feel “stuck” or trapped by life circumstances, relationships, or their own thoughts and feelings. Therapy can be a wonderful resource to learn more about oneself, explore feelings and conflict, and develop new coping skills, such as mindfulness, affect regulation skills, imagery, and relaxation training. Sometimes therapy can offer new ways to navigate through life while other times, the process can be about rewriting your life script.

Couples Therapy

Helping you solve problems

Relationships can be difficult and require attention and compassion. Too often, life stressors like finances, children, fertility issues, employment, family conflict, or medical concerns can interfere with the ability to relate well and have a healthy relationship. Other times, wounds from old relationships can make it difficult to connect and feel safe in relationships. Feeling alone in your relationship or not knowing how to communicate with your partner are common concerns that can be addressed in couples counseling.